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5475, rue Rideau
Québec (Québec)
G2E 5V9 (418) 871-9804

General Contractor

For your project, are you looking for a formula that combines flexibility, control, transparency and significant savings? As partners of your organization, we can design a mode of operation that is tailored exactly to your needs!

Say you just received your plans and specifications, prepared to order by your own professionals. Then you select us as your winning bidder. We're convinced that our professionalism and competitive prices will fully comply with your requirements.

A good starting point for your project is the clarity and precision of our contract offer. Then, our work completion schedule is worked up in respect of your timeframes, without compromising the quality of your project in any way. We make a priority of implementing the conditions most conducive to reducing the impact of work on your activities and of speeding up the use of buildings that have been renovated or only just built.


Whenever your project is precise and well defined, the traditional mode can meet your needs fully.

Some clients prefer the turnkey formula in order to assemble all project phases within a single project. The performance specification given our company sets out the nature and scope of the work to be accomplished. Drolet then sees to recruiting professionals for you project, and works as partners with them on completing your project. Among other benefits, this approach gives us tighter control over schedules and allows us to assess the financial impact of the various work methods proposed. We also verify whether the choice and specification of materials is established in complete consideration of budgets.

Year after year, Drolet continues to invest in upgrading and developing its management and equipment systems so as to comply with its mandate requirements ever more fully. Our qualified, experienced employees are eager to take up the most diverse challenges; they are the main factor explaining the steady growth enjoyed by Drolet since its founding.